Terms & Conditions

Reel Clips Tech Ltd trading as Clip Technologies

These Terms govern your use of any Reel Clips Tech Ltd trading as Clip Technologies associated URL including one or all of websites or any associated by virtue of ownership and the Work (as defined below) and are incorporated into

General Terms of Use (“General Terms”) and Additional Terms and the General Terms are collectively referred to as “Terms”. Capitalized terms not defined here have the same meaning as defined in the General Terms.

1.  Definitions.

1.1 “Website” means available at (or successor URL) or any other Reel Clips Tech Ltd trading as Clip Technologies owned websites.

1.2“Work(s)”means film, stock footage, drone, photographs, images, videos, voiceover, 3D assets, templates, or other pictorial, graphic, or other “B-roll” footage or copyrightable work that you license through the Reel Clips Tech Ltd trading as Clip Technologies websites.

2. Ownership.

Except as expressly granted in the Terms, our licensors retain all rights, title and interest in and to the Work. No title or ownership interest in or to the Work whatsoever is transferred to you by virtue of the Terms.

3. License to the Work and Specific Restrictions.


3.1.1 License. Subject to your compliance with the Terms, if you have purchased a Standard License, then we grant you a non-exclusive, lifetime, worldwide, non-transferable, non sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, archive, modify, and display the Work,

            1.  Without limits on distribution channels

           2.  Without limits on audience size

           3.  Works may be incorporated into products or merchandise intended for resale, provided the primary value of the products or merchandise                 does not lie within the Works themselves. Or that the Work, as incorporated into such merchandise, is not substantially similar to the Work                      and can qualify as an original work of authorship.

           4.  Usage in film, documentaries, and television programs must be credited to ‘

           5.  Your license will be valid for two (2) years from date your order is completed, at the end of this period your license will expire and you will need to purchase another license in order to continue to use or download the Work. You will receive a notification via email before your license expires. 

3.1.2 Standard License Specific Restrictions. In addition to the restrictions in section 4, the following restrictions apply to any Work under a Standard License:

1.  Ownership of the license is non transferable under any circumstances without the express permission of Reel Clips Tech Ltd trading as Clip Technologies.

2.  You may not use still frames extracted from the Work for and commercial purposes 3.  You may not incorporate Works into products or merchandise intended for resale if the primary value of the end product is derived exclusively from the Work or Works themselves.

4.   You may not use, reproduce, distribute, or display the Work with a press release that includes the distribution of the stand-alone file to the media without the express permission of Clip Technologies Ltd

3.3. Additional Rights. These additional rights are subject to the Terms and the restrictions in section 4.

1.   Employer or client Use. You may use a Work for the benefit of one of your clients, provided that you transfer your license to your client via an enforceable written agreement that includes terms no less restrictive than the Terms. You are solely responsible and liable for use of the Work by your employer or client.

2.   Employee and Contractor Use. You may transfer files containing the Work or permitted derivative works to employees or subcontractors, provided that such employees and subcontractors agree in an enforceable written agreement to abide by the restrictions in the Terms and only use the Work on your behalf. Except as provided in this subsection, you may not transfer the unmodified Work, employees and subcontractors have no additional rights to use the Work.

4. Restrictions.

4.1. General Restrictions. You must not:

1.  Use the Work in any way that allows a third party to use, download, extract or access the Work as a stand-alone file or in a way that exceeds the scope of this license to the Work.

2.  Take any action in connection with the Work that infringes the intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity, such as the moral rights of the creator of the Work and the rights of any person who, or any person whose property, appears in the Work.

3.  Use as, or incorporate the Work into, a trademark, logo or service mark without the express permission of Clip Technologies.

4.  Use the Work in a pornographic, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful manner or in any manner, which would bring the reputation of Reel Clips Tech Ltd trading as Clip Technologies  into disrepute.

5.  Use the Work in a way that depicts models and/or property in connection with a subject that a reasonable person could consider unflattering, immoral, or controversial, taking into account the nature of the Work, examples of which could include, without limitation, ads for tobacco; adult entertainment clubs or similar venues or services; endorsements of political parties or other opinion-based movements; or implying mental or physical impairment of any person.

6.  Use the Work in an editorial manner without the accompanying credit line or attribution, placed in a way that is reasonable to the applicable use, in this format: “”, "Reel Clips Tech Ltd", “Clip Technologies” or as designated on the Website.

7.  Remove, obscure or alter any proprietary notices associated with the Works, or give any express or implied misrepresentation that you or another third party are the creator or copyright holder of any Work.

8.  Use the Works or any title, caption information, keywords or other metadata associated with Works for any (1) machine learning and/or artificial intelligence purposes; or (2) technologies designed or intended for the identification of natural persons.

4. Subscription User Account.

4.1. Subscription User Account. You may not transfer your subscription or allow others to use your subscription, even if they are your affiliates, colleagues, contractors, or employees without the express permission of Reel Clips Tech Ltd trading as Clip Technologies . You may, however, license a Work multiple times through the subscription.


5. Your Indemnification Obligations.

5.1. Your Duty to Indemnify. You will indemnify us and our subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees, partners, or licensors from any claim, demand, loss, or damages, including reasonable legal fees, arising out of or related to your use of the Work, or your violation of the Terms, including the use of a Work designated as “editorial use only” for a commercial purpose without obtaining any necessary consents or permissions.

5.2. We have the right to control the defense of any claim, action or matter subject to indemnification by you with legal representation of our own choosing. You will fully cooperate with us in the defence of any such claim, action or matter.

6. Disclaimers.

6.1. Accuracy. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the Work, including any related descriptions, categories, captions, titles, metadata, or keywords included with the Work.

6.2. No Legal Advice Clip Technologies Ltd expressly disclaims any liability for information, feedback, materials, or answers to questions provided to you by Reel Clips Tech Ltd trading as Clip Technologies or its representatives, whether about these Terms, your use or proposed use of the Work, or otherwise, which are provided as a courtesy only and do not constitute legal advice.


7. Reservation. If you have actual knowledge, or if you or Reel Clips Tech Ltd trading as Clip Technologies reasonably believes, that a Work may be subject to a third-party claim, then we may instruct you to cease all use, reproduction, modification, display, distribution, and possession of such Work, and you must promptly comply with such instructions, and ensure your clients, distributors, employees, and employers stop using the Work. We may, at any time, (a) discontinue the licensing of any Work; and (b) deny the downloading of any Work. We reserve all rights not expressly granted in the Terms.


8. Termination. We may terminate these Additional Terms or your right to use a Work upon notice to you in the event of your breach of the Terms, in which case you must cease all use, reproduction, modification, display, distribution and possession of such Work.

9. Effect of Termination. If your subscription ends, or upon termination of these Additional Terms, then (a) you will forfeit all rights, title and interest in and to any and all unused downloads; and (b) any perpetual licenses granted will survive and you may continue to use the Work that you have downloaded and paid for, subject to your compliance with the Terms.


10. Injunctive Relief. In the event of your or others’ unauthorized access to or use of the Works in violation of these Terms, you agree that we are entitled to apply for injunctive remedies (or an equivalent type of urgent legal relief) in any jurisdiction.